NBE Issues Additional Exemption on Loan Restriction on October 27-2021

NBE Issues Additional Exemption on Loan Restriction

October 27, 2021. National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) announced today that it has issued additional exemption on loan restriction.
The exemption has been issued for Companies Supplying Petroleum Products in line with an agreement entered with Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise.
According to the notification dispatched to Bank CEOs, the exemption is effective as of today, October 27, 2021.
For the sake of clarity, NBE underlines that this exemption, for the time being, doesn’t include petroleum dealers.
It’s to be recalled that NBE did issue exemptions regarding loan disbursement on October 1, 2021, on five loan categories. 

NBE Issues Additional Exemptions for some loan categories on October 04-2021


NBE Issues Additional Exemption on Loan Restriction

October 4, 2021:  National Bank of Ethiopia has issued additional exemptions regarding loan disbursement.  

In a circular addressed to all banks on Friday, October 1, 2021, NBE has issued further exemptions for the following five loan categories.  

1. loans to buyers of bank’s foreclosed properties availed for the purpose of ensuring loan recovery

2. inter-bank loan buyout transactions 

3. bank staff emergency loans

4. housing loans approved/committed to be provided for employees of companies for the purpose of buying or constructing residential houses (only for committed or approved requests); and 

5. loans approved for sesame producers found in Gondar area for the purpose of ensuring timely harvesting of same. 

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