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Insurance Business Directives

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Motor Insurance Own Damage Minimum Premium Rate SIB-60-2023

Fees on A Reinsurance Company Directive No. SRB/3/2022

Fees on Insurance Companies Directive No. SIB/58/2022

Fees on an Insurance Auxiliary Directive No. SIB/59/2022

Minimum Paid-Up Capital for an Insurance Company Directive No. SIB/57/2022

Requirements for Information Technology (IT) Management Directive No. SIB/55/2022

Requirements for Information Technology (IT) Management Directive No. SIB/56/2022

Prudential Requirements for Reinsurance Companies

Amendment to manner and criteria of transacting Reinsurance

Statutory Deposit

To License a Takaful Operator or Authorize  Takaful Window Operator

Investigation Fee to be Paid by Insurance   Auxiliaries and Actuaries

Amendment of Opening of Branches

Insurance Brokers Code of Conduct

Licensing of Insurance Actuary

Licensing of Insurance Loss Assessors and Loss Adjustors

Licensing of Insurance Surveyors

Amendment of Prohibition of Insurance of certain Types of Bonds by Insurance Companies

Investment in Insurance Funds

Manner of computing Margin of Solvency for Insurance Company
Amendment of Fine for NON-Compliance with the Directives of National Bank of Ethiopia

Emergency Travel Health Insurance

Licensing of Insurance Agent

Licensing of Insurance Broker

Requirements for persons with Significant Influence in an Insurer

Requirements for Licensing and License Renewal of Insurance Business

Minimum Paid up Capital for Insurers

Time Limit for Reduction and/or Relinquishing Shareholdings

Information Exchange Scheme on Outstanding Premium

Manner of Reporting Quarterly and Annual Returns

Insurer and Reinsurance Business Fraud Monitoring

Reinsurance Company Establishment

Licensing, License Renewal and Product Approval

Monitoring the Nationality Share Holders of an Insurer and a Reinsurer

Insurance Corporate Governance

Manner & Criteria of Transacting Reinsurance


Limits on Board Remuneration & No of Employees who Seat on a Board

Margin of Solvency

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