Public Notice
February 29, 2024
SIB//2024 Requirements for Persons with significant influence in an Insurance Company
February 29, 2024
SIB//2024 External Auditor of an Insurer
February 29, 2024
FXD/87/2024 Limits on Birr and Foreign currency (As Amended)
February 28, 2024
FDX-87-2024 – Limits on Birr and Foreign Currency Holding in the Territory of Ethiopia(As Amended)
February 22, 2024
SRB/3/2022 – Fees on A Reinsurance Company
November 3, 2023
ONPS/09/2023 – Payment Instrument Issuer (Amendment)
October 16, 2023
FXD/86/2023  Off-shore Account Opening and Operations for Strategic Foreign Direct investment Project
September 15, 2023
FXD/85/2023 Establishment and Operation of foreign Currency account for Non-Resident Ethiopians and Non-Resident Ethiopian Origin (Amendment)
September 15, 2023