As the central bank of Ethiopia, we work to ensure price stability and the safety and soundness of financial institutions.

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February 16, 2024


February 15, 2024

NBE Conducted workshop on Consumer Protection

February 3, 2024

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January 25, 2024

Stakeholders Consultative Meeting: National Digital Payment QR Code Standardization Document

January 16, 2024

Governor Mamo Mihretu recently visited the Central Bank of Nigeria

January 12, 2024

The National Bank of Ethiopia’s Proactive Education Initiative on Currency Security


What is the National Bank of Ethiopia?

We are Ethiopia’s Central Bank.

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Frequently Asked

We are Ethiopia’s central bank. We are a public body and our mission is to maintain monetary and financial stability in Ethiopia.

That work includes making sure prices are stable, banking services are safe, and Ethiopia’s financial system is sound.

NBE, as a central bank, does provide loan to the government and banks, not to individuals and business entities.

We provide a range of free education materials about our notes and their security features. These include leaflets and posters that can be downloaded or ordered online, as well as short films and online training.

We set rules for how banks should be run financially. These rules ensure banks have enough capital (money or other wealth such as property or shares) and the right plans and structures in place. 

We monitor banks to ensure they follow our policy. We do this by keeping in contact with bank staff at all levels so we can keep an eye on things like their accounts and the way they work. We call this work ‘supervision’.

If a bank does get into difficulty, we work with it to ensure that firms have orderly wind-down plans in place. 

Using regulation and supervision, we try to make sure that banks are run properly, and that if a bank fails it doesn’t cause widespread problems in the economy.

SWIFT is a secured telecommunication system serving members and the financial community. The word SWIFT represents Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication. It is a reliable and less costly method to transfer money. All banks in Ethiopia use the system to effect monetary transaction.

All eligible individuals can get foreign currency from commercial banks for these and other purposes.