Governance of the Bank - National Bank

Governance of the Bank

The Board of Directors

H.E. Ambassador Girma Birru
H.E. Ato Ahmed Shide
H.E. Dr. Eyob Tekalign
H.E. Dr. Yinager Dessie
Ato. Fikadu Digafe
Ato Gebreyesus Guntie


H.E. Dr. Yinager Dessie
The Governor

Vice Governors

Ato Fikadu Digafe
V/Governor and Chief Economist
Ato Solomon Desta
V/Governor, Financial Institutions Supervision
Ato Eyob G/Eyesus
V/Governor, Corporate Service

Executive Management

H.E Dr. Yinager Dessie
Ato Fikadu Digafe
Ato Solomon Desta
Ato Eyob G/Eyesus
Ato Abate Mitiku
Ato Gebryesuse Guntie
Member and secretary


Ato Gebreyesus Guntie
Senior Advisor to the Governor
Ato Mulualem Eshetu
Advisor to V/Governor and Chief Economist
W/o Marta H/Mariam
Advisor to V/Governor ,Financial Institutions Supervision Cluster
Ato Nigussie Acklog
Advisor to V/Governor ,Corporate Service Cluster

Monetary Stability Cluster

Ato Abate Mitiku
Director, Change Management , Planning and communication Directorate
Ato Mohammed Abdela
D/Director, Change Management , Planning and Communication Directorate
Ato Fitsum Tsehaye
Director, Domestic Economic Analysis and Publication Directorate
Ato Habtamu Workineh
Director, External Economic Analysis and International Relations Directorate
W/ Woyenshet Zeberga
Director, Monetary and Financial Analysis Directorate
Ato Befkadu Gashaw
Director, Economic Modeling and Statistical Analysis Directorate
W/ro Yenhassab Tadesse
Director, Foreign Exchange Monitoring and Reserve Management Directorate
Ato Wondimeneh Asrat
Director, Internal Audit and Risk Management Directorate
Ato Tebebe H/Geiorgis
D/Director, Foreign Exchange Monitoring and Reserve Management Directorate
W/ro Zeleka Haile
D/Director, Foreign Exchange Monitoring and Reserve Management Directorate

Financial Institutions Supervision Cluster

Ato Frezer Ayalew
Director, Bank Supervision Directorate
Ato Belay Tulu
Director, Insurance Supervision Directorate
Ato Merga Wakweya
Director, Micro Finance Institutions Supervision Directorate
Ato Temesegen Zeleke
Head,Financial Inclusion Technical Secretariat
Ato Abebe Senbete
Director, Currency Management Directorate
Ato Solomon Damtew
Director, Payment and Settlement System Directorate
Ato Gobena Worana
D/Director, Bank Supervision Directorate
Ato Temliso Abebe
Director, Credit Reference and Movable Collateral Registry Directorate

Corporate Services Cluster

W/ro Workabeba Bahiru
Director, Human Resource Management Directorate
Ato Eyasu Teshome
Director, Engineering, Property & Transport Services Management Directorate
Ato Zelalem Abera
Director, Procurement Services Management Directorate
W/o Merema Kamil
Director, Corporate Finance Directorate
Ato Gebeyaw Takele
Director, Project Management Office
Ato Wondewosen Tsegaw
Director, Information System Management Directorate
Ato Dawit Tesfaye
A/ Manager, Project Management Office
Ato Mesfin Getachew
Director, Legal Service Directorate

Ethiopian Institute of Financial Studies

Ato Kassahun Yohanes
Acting Director, Ethiopian Institute of Financial Studies
Ato Girmay Amare
Acting Deputy Director, Ethiopian Institute of Financial Studies

The National Bank of Ethiopia was established in 1963 by proclamation 206 of 1963 and began operation in January 1964. Prior to this proclamation, the Bank used to carry out dual activities, i.e. commercial banking and central banking.

P.O.Box: 5550
Tel: +251 115 517 430
Fax: +251 115 514 588
Avenue: Sudan Street