NBE Holds Training on Macro and Micro Prudential Supervision

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) partnered with the Toronto Centre for Training to hold a week-long training on Macro- and Micro Prudential Supervision from May 13-17, 2024. This initiative aimed to bolster NBE’s ability to analyze macro prudential indicators, assess financial system risks, and develop effective policy recommendations.

Governor Mamo E. Mihretu emphasized the critical role of the Toronto Centre’s expertise in enhancing NBE’s supervisory capabilities. He highlighted that continuous improvements, like this training, are essential for achieving NBE’s strategic goals and modernizing banking supervision.

Key topics included addressing emerging risks such as cyber threats and climate change, and integrating micro prudential approaches for individual institution safety with macro prudential strategies for overall financial system stability. This comprehensive training aligns with NBE’s commitment to maintaining a robust and resilient financial sector.